The crisp made entirely from cheese.

Parm Crisps 1.75oz bags
Original 3oz
Italian Herb 3oz
Everything 3oz
Basil Pesto 3oz
Rosemary 3oz

No Artificial Ingredients+ Gluten Free rBST Free++ 0g carbs 9g of Protein

+ No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Preservatives. ++ No significant difference has been found in milk from cows treated with artificial hormones.

ParmCrisps™ are artisan-crafted, crunchy crisps made of 100% Aged Parmesan Cheese and premium seasonings. Oven baked in small batches, ParmCrisps™ are naturally gluten and sugar free with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Pair with your favorite bottle or wine, enjoy on a salad, soup or straight out of the bag. ParmCrisps™ are Mindful Munching™ at its finest!

"From our Kitchen Table to yours"

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Because we sell mostly through Distributors, we don't know all the stores that sell our products. If you have a favorite health food, gourmet deli, or other source where you do much of your shopping, we would appreciate you leaving a copy of the The Kitchen Table Bakers "PRODUCT REQUEST (.doc)" with them. Bring it to the store and ask the manager to contact us. We will make sure they can get it.

We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to get this unique product. If you do not have any luck with the stores, we have some web sites and mail order sites that carry our Hand Made All Parmesan "Gourmet Wafer Crisps".

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