Holiday Bites


  • ParmCrisps choice of flavor, recipe used Original, Jalapeño and Sesame flavor. Used for Santa and Snowman’s face)
  • Pepperoni slices (used for Santa’s hat)
  • Ricotta cheese (for Santa’s beard and fluffy trim on hat, also for Snowman’s face)
  • Small pitted and thinly sliced olives (for Santa’s nose and eyes/. Also for Snowman’s eyes)
  • Celery, sliced thin and cut into squares (used for Santa’s mustache)
  • Persimmons sliced in triangles (used for Snowman’s beak)


  1. Use kitchen scissors to cut a pepperoni hat.
  2. Place ParmCrisps crackers on serving tray. Place pepperoni hat behind cracker.
  3. Use a pipping bag or a small plastic bag, (be sure the bag is securely closed) lightly poke a small hole in one corner of the plastic bag with a toothpick.
  4. Pipe ricotta along the bottom of the pepperoni hat for a fluffy trim, at the bottom of the cracker to form the beard, and also for the Snowman’s face.
  5. Dab more ricotta to the cracker to adhere the celery for the mustache, sliced olives for the eyes and nose for Santa and Snowman.
  6. Use persimmon triangles for the Snowman’s beak.
  7. Serve and Enjoy! Cover and refrigerate any leftovers.